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Keeping the Art of Apiary in the Family

August 03, 2021

Keeping the Art of Apiary in the Family

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A Quick Guide to Monetizing Your Honey and Bee Products


Backyard beekeeping is a great hobby and business idea for children and adults alike. In addition to making and selling honey online or at local farmers markets, you can create your own soaps, skin creams, and candles — and sell other products like bee pollen, honey vinegar, honey sticks, and beeswax. You can also sell other handmade products such as clothing and decor. To learn how to turn these efforts into a profitable beekeeping business, check out these tips from Mama Bee’s Homestead!

Brand Your Bee and Honey Products

Once you’ve made the decision to monetize your honey and bee products, you’ll need to focus on branding and marketing. As part of the branding process, for instance, it’s important to create a unique label for your bee products — or obtain one from your beekeeping supplier. This product label should include everything from the container contents and net weight to your name and address. You could also include information about the type of honey you’re selling (e.g. wildflower, buckwheat, or clover) and the product’s nutritional value.

Marketing Tips for Kids and Adults

Backyard beekeeping can be a great family business, and it’s easy to get little beekeepers involved in the marketing process! Kids can go door-to-door selling honey and bee products, or they can set up a stand and sell items right from their driveway or backyard. Kids and adults could also put up a yard sign and let customers come to them.


Some other places to market your bee products include:


  • Local farmers markets, natural food stores, and craft shops.
  • Church fairs, festivals, and boutiques.
  • Local nonprofits.
  • Online and on social media.


Moreover, kids and teens can start beekeeping clubs at school — as this will give them the opportunity to share their knowledge with other students and market their bee products to kids and their families. Club members might also be interested in helping out on the homestead, cleaning beekeeping equipment, and completing other responsibilities such as testing honey.

Manage Your Beekeeping Team

As your backyard beekeeping business grows, you may need to hire an additional beekeeper or two — and think about hiring a marketing and bookkeeping professional to help you reach your goals and keep your business organized. One hobbyist beekeeper can typically manage as many as 20 hives, while a full-time beekeeper could manage between 400 and 500 hives. If you have hundreds of hives but can’t devote 40 hours a week to your beekeeping business, it’s time to expand your team with a few experienced professionals.


After adding on one or more beekeepers, you’ll need to set up your payroll system and make sure you’re reporting your taxes and paying employees in a timely manner. Payroll isn’t the easiest of tasks, but QuickBooks products can help you to get payroll processed quickly and accurately, while also providing you with access to the following types of features:


  • Time tracking and timesheet approval
  • Automated payroll and tax calculations
  • Direct deposits
  • Up to $25,000 in tax penalty protection


QuickBooks products can help you to navigate the entire payroll process, from creating your payroll policy and procedures to tracking employee time and paying your team.

In Conclusion

Beekeeping can be a fun, educational, and profitable activity for the whole family, and it’s very possible to make a living out of selling your handmade honey and bee products — oftentimes online or within your local community. And whether you’re selling honey, bee pollen, handmade candles, or other bee products, these tips will help you to monetize your business, manage your beekeeping team, and get your kids involved in the process!


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Article by: Tina Martin

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