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Mama Bee's Homestead Supply Bee Feeders -Easy-to-Install Beekeeping Beehive Equipment - Perforated Lid Fits Mason and Plastic Jars - Water and Sugar Syrup Entrance or Top Dispenser - Beekeeper Tools


  • BEE FEEDING MADE EASY - Simply twist our bee entrance feeder onto a mason jar and leave it upside down. The tank ’ s vacuum pressure automatically prevents rapid dripping and enables continuous feeding.
  • VERSATILE BEE FEEDER - Our bee water feeder works great with 5 - frame, 8 - frame, 10 - frame Langstroth, flow, nuc/nucleus, and top bar hives. The metal lid fits any jar that measures 2 ¾ inches.
  • DEVELOP A PLAN! - This beehive feeder lets you easily monitor your bees and develop appropriate feeding plans. You get to observe the amount of food left and refill it without opening the hive.
  • MADE TO LAST - To ensure extreme durability, we only use the best materials. The bee feeder's base is made of high - strength plastic while its lid is crafted from top - grade stainless steel.
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE - The lids can be easily removed from their base, allowing for easy cleaning. They're recyclable and can be replaced with any standard canning jar lid.Details: Bee keepers, are you tired of worrying about your hive having enough to survive, much less thrive? We are so excited to offer you our tested, tried and true bee feeder! This simple little design will bring so much value to your homestead! ✔You can add sugar water or any solution of your choice to a standard mason jar. ✔Screw on our water-tight lid, place the plastic piece on and invert. ✔The notched design will slide right into the entrance of your hive! ✔No dripping, no mess, no drowned bees! ✔No more disturbing your colony to check the water level or refill! There's no better time to add this little contraption to your beekeeping supplies! Whether you have a traditional beehive or a flow hive, this product is a great addition as it is still just as functional as a free standing feeder. We tested these feeders in Louisiana. It gets dangerously hot here and we have long periods of super dry weather during the hottest months. Also, in the winter the blooms grow scarce. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your bees are provided for will allow you enjoy the changing seasons without fretting over your hive. What other beekeeping equipment can have you sippin' sweet tea on the porch swing all summer long without worrying about scarcity for your hive. I get it, I have lost sleep worrying my chickens would get cold. Really! Which is why we want to offer you so much more than just a bee feeder. Mama Bee's Homestead Supply is a family. A group where crazy-chicken ladies and cow-mamas unite to offer support and inspiration to one another. All our customers are welcome to join our community and hang out with us in our Facebook group! Here you can boast about your prize pig or go live as your new baby chicks hatch. If you've read this far, chances are pretty good you're one of us. So, Honey, kick your shoes off and come on in!

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