Beekeeping Supplies 3Pcs Beekeeping Tools Kit For Beekeeper Bee Hive

Beekeeping Supplies 3Pcs Beekeeping Tools Kit For Beekeeper Bee Hive

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Product Overview:

If you are looking for the most useful beekeeping tools that any beekeeper uses very often, you are at the right place in this starter kit you get a smoker, a j-hook lifter, and a stainless steel smoker. These tools are extremely helpful for many beekeeping processes, including making the bees less aggressive, lifting the hive frames, cleaning the hives, and a lot of other chores you will be doing during beekeeping.


  • A smoker is a very useful tool that can save you from a lot of bee stings during the harvest season. Moreover, it also calms down the bees making processes easier for both you and the bees.
  • The j-hook and half-painted American hive tools are useful for many processes from lifting the frames to cutting the hives, and for many other purposes. For any beekeeper, a hive tool is something of a must-have. The good thing is that in this starter kit you are getting not one but two types of hive tools.
  • Overall, the tool kit comprises of three of the most convenient beekeeping tools. You can get these tools in this combo coming at a lower price than what they would have to pay for tools separately. Therefore, it is best for you to avail of this deal.


Stainless steel bee smoker
Stainless steel j-hook hive tool
Stainless steel hive tool
Smoker Size:
Large Smoker : 30CM*10CM
Medium Smoker 28CM*10CM
Small Smoker 26CM* 8.50CM

Package Content:

1x 3Pcs Beekeeping Tools Kit For Beekeeper Bee Hive Smoker J Hook Hive Tools with Large Smoker